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Inhaler share new song 'Who's Your Money On?'


Dublin indie rockers Inhaler have released their latest single, the partially party-ready jam/partially meditative ode to love and lost opportunity, ‘Who’s Your Money On?’. The song is the second single the band has released this year after ‘Cheer Up Baby’, and it’s the first explicit taste of the band’s upcoming debut studio album It Won’t Always Be Like This.

If you know me, you know that I love to ramble about electronic songs that don’t need the edited cuts that almost inevitably seem to come with single releases. No such problem here: ‘Who’s Your Money On?’ is gloriously stretched out nearly seven minutes of bright synth patches, chicken-scratch guitar, and some fantastically aggressive bass. I’m a big fan of when the bass takes a more prominent place in the mix than the guitar, and bassist Robert Keating gets to pop and slap his way all over this dance floor jam.

But the real trick is when the song suddenly stops being a dance floor jam and instead fades into a beautifully spacious meditation that plays up the sadder and more implicitly desolate aspects of the lyrics. For all the giddy joy and energetic indie-pop of the songs first half, the second half is a real sharp contrast, getting more contemplative and melancholy as the flighty fun of the first three minutes dissolves into something a little more weighty. The initial propositions about going to a friends house and getting stoned are replaced by the post-party hangover. This ending section, known as ‘Plastic House’, is what gives the song real character and distinction. It’s a ballsy move, but one that pays major dividends.

Check out the audio for ‘What’s Your Money On? (Plastic House)’ down below. It Won’t Always Be Like This is set for a July 16 release.