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Inhaler share anthemic new single 'Cheer Up Baby'

Inhaler - 'Cheer Up Baby'

Inhaler have shared their shimmering new single, ‘Cheer Up Baby’, and announced details of their hotly-anticipated debut album.

The track is one that they first-recorded as teenagers and has been a favourite at live shows, but Inhaler have been waiting to release it as a single until the time was right, and timing doesn’t get much better than right now. Positive sentiment floods out of the anthemic ‘Cheer Up Baby’ and it is a rousing listen. The latest single is also the opening track from their debut album, It Won’t Always Be Like This, which will arrive on 16th July.

“It’s always been a cornerstone song for us and our fans are always talking about it. It’s a love letter to our fans and that’s why we wanted to choose it to open up the album,” frontman Eli Hewson told NME about the track.

“Lyrically, a lot of young people in these times are dealing with mental health issues and they can get stuck in their own heads. I think that’s what this song is, it’s loosely based on a conversation between two people and a lyric that goes ‘when I think of all the things I didn’t do, I can’t help but blame it on you’.”

Hewson’s family has a rich musical history and his father, U2 frontman Bono, looks to have passed on the songwriting side of his DNA to his son, who has proved with Inhaler that they aren’t just in the position they are in because of his famous family. Their tunes speak for themselves. Besides that, most Inhaler fans probably couldn’t care less about U2, and they’ve established themselves as one of the most compelling new bands around.

‘Cheer Up Baby’ takes you back to the days of live shows, and you can almost taste the smell of warm beer-soaked on your T-shirt. The track is destined to be performed live, with Hewson no-doubt injecting even more bucket loads of energy into it than he manages to cram into their latest single that is soaking with vigour.