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(Credit: Indigo De Souza)


Indigo De Souza covers Frank Ocean song'Ivy'


Singer-songwriter Indigo De Souza has shared a tender cover of Frank Ocean’s track ‘Ivy’ from her own home. ‘Ivy’ is taken from Ocean’s era-defining 2016 album Blonde. However, Ocean has been performing it since 2013 – albeit in demo form. De Souza’s rendition of the original track strips back to Ocean’s otherworldly electric textures, allowing her dulcet tones to take centre stage as she sings over mellow analogue drone’s and trip-hop drums samples.

Recorded from the hallway of her own home, with mixing and mastering by audio wizard Michael Matsakis, De Souza’s couples her rendition of ‘Ivy’ with a video that combines footage of her recording her vocal take DIY style and shots of her dog, a particularly happy-go-lucky black labrador.

Describing her motivations for taking on the Ocean cover in a statement, De Souza said: “I deeply love Frank Ocean’s songs and ‘Ivy’ has a truly special place in my heart. I have cried many times to this song and can see so much of my own inner world in it. I wanted to fully embody the song myself in honour of its gorgeous existence.”

Indeed, the influence of Ocean’s lush textures makes its way into De Souza’s recent album Any Shape You Take: “I get really excited about using all different types of tones,” she said in a recent interview, “Mostly because that’s how my brain feels. It’s not one dimensional, there are lots of ups and downs so I think I just try to reflect that in music.”

“I didn’t know what it would be until we were in the thick of it,” De Souza added, describing the process of making Any Shape You Take. “Then it all made sense, the way we built the songs felt very in line with my life up until that point. I was in a bad place when we were recording but also a really good place at the same time.”

Adding: “I was very isolated but I was finding a lot of self-love and also manifesting really great relationships. I was learning what kind of love I wanted to accept into my life, I realised I was going to have a boundary to anything that would cause me unnecessary pain and that I don’t have to put up with bullshit.”

Stream the song, below.