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Indigo Child - Feel Good Summer Song - Track of the Day

Well, Indigo Child, a little known duo from London have just written the song of the summer. You can all put down your pens and copies of Will Smith’s ’Summertime’ Explained Vol 1 the amazing track has everything you need. Great hook? Check. Psyche Pop sensibilities? Check. Ironic title? Check. Track of the Day slot? Check.

A full set then, and ‘Feel Good Summer Song’ will not disappoint. The track is full of the kind of psyche which has us blowing skunk smoke rings over the garden fence of our neighbour from hell in the hope that we all might one day just get along and ‘chill’.

It jangles along with minimum effort and utter, glorious ease. Maintaining its credibility whilst remaining entirely pop fuelled and without embarrassment of that fact. It’s a 60’s summer hit for the modern day world.

Sit back, enjoy any sun that peeks through and fall in to 4 minutes of Ronsil style music.