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Indie band Splashh announce "indefinite hiatus"


Anglo-Australian band indie band Splashh have announced their indefinite hiatus.

Having been a prominent touring band having released their debut album Comfort in 2013, the band struggled to build on their early success and released a follow-up record of Waiting A Lifetime last year which came four years after they emerged on the scene.

Now, however, the band have decided to call it a day to work on solo projects.

“Hi folks. It has come to the end of a era for us for now,” the band said on social media. “For the time being we will be taking a possible indefinite hiatus to focus on our own separate projects, it’s not to say one day we won’t make music together again as Splashh.

“We are still the best of friends. At some point very soon we will be giving away all our demos for ‘waiting a lifetime’ the promised electronic influenced stuff we promised and they will be free for download so our fans can have something we think is special. Keep you updated. Zone in and tune out,” they added.