IN PHOTOS: Dot to Dot Festival 2015, Nottingham

Just a week later, we’re still getting over how good Dot to Dot Festival was. Spanning across three cites, we found it was the perfect way to soak the bank-holiday weekend vibes.

If you didn’t make, we’re sorry to say you definitely missed out, but fear not, we had Far Out photographer Adam Burzynski on hand at the Nottingham site to capture all best bits including Menace Beach, Swim Deep, Amy Studt, All Tvvins and more.

Also don’t forget to check out review of D2D Manchester here.


Swim Deep-3 Swim Deep-2 Swim Deep-1 Sundara Karma-5 Sundara Karma-4 Sundara Karma-3 Sundara Karma-2 Sundara Karma-1 Scribble Victory-5 Scribble Victory-4 Scribble Victory-3 Scribble Victory-2 Scribble Victory-1 Saint Raymond-9 Saint Raymond-8 Saint Raymond-7 Saint Raymond-6 Saint Raymond-5 Saint Raymond-4 Saint Raymond-3 Saint Raymond-2 Saint Raymond-1 Rae Morris-5 Rae Morris-4 Rae Morris-3 Rae Morris-2 Rae Morris-1 Menace Beach-5 Menace Beach-4 Menace Beach-3 Menace Beach-2 Menace Beach-1 Martin Luke Brown-2 Martin Luke Brown-1 Hinds-7 Hinds-6 Hinds-5 Hinds-4 Hinds-3 Hinds-2 Hinds-1 Fat White Family-7 Fat White Family-6 Fat White Family-5 Fat White Family-4 Fat White Family-3 Fat White Family-2 Fat White Family-1 Amy Studt-5 Amy Studt-4 Amy Studt-3 Amy Studt-2 Amy Studt-1 All Tvvins-5 All Tvvins-4 All Tvvins-3 All Tvvins-2

All photos from Strawberry Photographic

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