In Photos: Darlia – Live at Rescue Rooms

Last night Blackpool’s grunge reimaginers Darlia hit up the packed out Recuse Rooms in Nottingham.

Far Out photographer Adam Burzynski had a front row view.

Darlia-26 Darlia-25Darlia-24 Darlia-23 Darlia-22 Darlia-21 Darlia-20 Darlia-19 Darlia-18 Darlia-17 Darlia-16 Darlia-15 Darlia-14 Darlia-13 Darlia-12 Darlia-11 Darlia-10 Darlia-9 Darlia-8 Darlia-7 Darlia-6 Darlia-5 Darlia-4 Darlia-3 Darlia-2 DarliaDarlia-27

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