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In-depth Alex Turner interview breaks down Arctic Monkeys' new album


Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner has joined BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac to break down the band’s new album Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino. 

Turner explains how he felt “suspicious” of playing the guitar when writing the new material and the draw of the piano stool was a fitting and comfortable place to work. Discussing how science fiction has heavily influenced his thinking, Turner admitted that he “ended up making a world of my own” when locking himself away to write.

Far Out described the new album as some of Turner’s most analytical work to date and, in reflection in the interview, the frontman hinted at some embarrassment when remembering old lyrics: “I think sometimes that can be helpful,” he said when discussing ‘YouTubeing’ himself. “In preparation for going on tour, we flicked through some of our old records,” he said. “There were a few lyrics that went by where I thought [wincing noise], ‘Don’t know what you were thinking there. Probably leave that one out now.’”

What is evidently clear is that Turner worked alone, separated from his bands and social restraints. Tucked away in his bedroom writing and recording, Turner used his 8-track to put together his thoughts and, when he invited his band-mates to join the process, he admitted that his “fear was he’d be underwhelmed,” when explaining how invited guitarist Jamie Cook to join the process.

Elsewhere in the interview, Turner divulged into the writing processes and the repeated references to technology and the avoidance of social media: “I’ve just had to be comfortable not having the last word,” he said about not having social media. “There’s always a fallback. You can get a Twitter account and set the record straight.”