Impulsive photographs of free-spirited youth in Brussels, Belgium

Lara Gasparotto, the Belgian-born photographer who is now based in Brussels, has released her collection of images which are deeply associated with her own life experiences.

Gasparotto, who has explained that her photo books attempt to depict “the figure of a woman, youth, sensations, nostalgia, the simple beauty of being together, and the beauty of nature,” look to explore the feeling of free-spirited youth mentality of the Belgian capital city.

Sitting down in an interview with Dazedphotographer Gasparotto explained that her drive came from the “immediate inspirations are my friends, people around me, the moment and sensations that we share,” offering a glimpse into what can only be described as an emotional insight into the thoughts of the artists.

“I want people to approach my work as poetry or music, something with no beginning or end, more like a compilation of sensations,” she added.

It is Gasprotta’s deeply detailed yet lack of strict controlled view on the world that has allowed her to gently glow into the style in which she has developed. The borderline abstract approach to landscapes combined with portraits of her loved ones she the beautiful juxtaposition of her thought process. With the disorientating impact, her images have allowed the work to offer the viewer a different take of their own.

“I take inspiration from everything, everywhere,” Gasprotta continued. “I’m inspired a lot by music, I have a very eclectic taste and I can’t work without music. I would like to put on an exhibition where music forms part of an installation. I also love cinema (Park Chan-woo, Satoshi Kon, Miyazaki, Bergman, Lynch, Jarmusch) and literature, (Faulkner, Fante, Brautigan, Carver). Painting too – I especially love old Flemish masters, Renaissance masters, and the modern avant-garde, such as the Expressionists.”

Here, enjoy some of her work with images via Dazed:

(All images sourced via Dazed)

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