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Credit: Iggy Pop


Iggy Pop's classic song 'The Passenger' has a music video 43 years later

Iggy Pop’s classic song, ‘The Passenger’, has finally been given a music video over four decades since it was originally released.

The track acted as the B-side to Pop’s track ‘Success’ which was the first single released by the Godfather of Punk from his second solo record Lust For Life.

Prior to the recent release, Iggy Pop had never created a video for the momentous track which is seen as one of the singer’s finest solo pieces.

The clip sees images of a young Iggy Pop fade in an out over the top of video following car moving through the murky city. It’s an accurate depiction of the track’s moody lyricism.

Iggy Pop took to Twitter to announce the video with a new message on his Instagram account: “So ‘The Passenger’ finally has an official video. Thank you Simon Taylor for your talent and thank you Esther Friedman and Paul McAlpine for sharing images from the times of The Passenger.”

In the description on YouTube Pop wrote a further note, offering thanks “for those beautifully captured shots that make this video truly encapsulate the period”.

Watch the video for Iggy Pop’s ‘The Passenger’ below.