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Watch Iggy Pop's bizarre striptease on French TV back in 1977


We’re dipping into the Far Out Magazine vault to bring you a slightly odd and totally brilliant clip of Mr Iggy Pop dancing, prancing and providing a striptease for French TV back in 1977.

After the infamy of The Stooges broke Iggy Pop out as a passionate and engaging frontman, the singer was always destined to pursue a solo career. It meant that the Godfather of Punk spent a lot of time frequenting promo spots on television in the 1970s.

Iggy Pop had absconded to Europe to live and work with David Bowie in 1977. “Living in a Berlin apartment with Bowie and his friends was interesting…” Pop recalled. It also provided Pop with perhaps his most fruitful music-making period, seeing the star create both The Idiot and Lust for Life with The Starman.

It was the latter album that Iggy Pop was promoting in Europe when he arrived to meet Monsieur Yves Mourousi on French TV to give not only a charming interview but also a quick flash of skin as Pop turns into a stripper if only for a brief while.

It must be said, a grotesque stripper. Not because we hate to see Iggy’s chest, we’ve all seen it for years after all. But his striking facial make-up is the very first thing you notice and is distracting throughout, painted as some kind of Bahaus pimp as he is.

It belies the very careful and well-mannered conversation the two men enjoy, switching between French and English, the duo talk about France, music, David Bowie and of course, Iggy’s attire. It leads to some warm and charming moments between them and ends in a similarly joyous fashion.

For all the warmth on display, it must be remembered that the interview is underlined by a seriously bizarre discourse and it completely baffles the mind when realising that this was aired at 1 pm in France, during the national news. Unbelievable — but then Iggy Pop always has been.

Watch Iggy Pop’s bizarre striptease on French TV back in 1977