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Credit: Iggy Pop


Watch: Mac DeMarco has directed the new video for Iggy Pop's 'Sonali'


When he heard that Mac DeMarco was directing an Iggy Pop video we thought just one thing; “Have the indie Gods heard our calls?” To have two such wonderful artists working together must surely be an act of the heavens.

However, there is no God involved today as Mac DeMarco takes the helm of the new video for Iggy Pop’s latest release ‘Sonali’ from his new album Free. This is more like the subversions of limbo than something behind the pearly gates as DeMarco takes this video down a strange and dark path.

To compound that weirdness there is also the return of The Lizard Man who has previously featured in DeMarco’s work before. The Lizard Man was a part of DeMarco’s video for the Here Comes The Cowboy track ‘Nobody’. Played by Tommy Midnight in Mac’s video, he reprises the role in this one.

He’s back and this time with a fuzzy, furry car, a fine suit, and even with a girlfriend – played by DeMarco’s own beau Kiera McNally. The video sees TLM go about his daily duties and even complete that most eighties of dreams and play saxophone while standing on a convertible car. In truth, everyone’s a winner.

You can watch the Iggy Pop video for ‘Sonali’, as directed by Mac DeMarco, below.