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(Credit: Raph_PH)


Iggy Pop covers ‘Family Affair’ to mark his 73rd birthday


Iggy Pop is celebrating his 73rd birthday with a very special cover of Sly & The Family Stone song ‘Family Affair’.

The rock icon is sharing the exclusive cover as a free download of his 1985 through his official website and detailed his reasoning in an interview with his BBC 6 Music colleague Lauren Laverne.

“I’ve always loved this song, it came out when I was kinda on the ropes in 1971. There’s a lot of truth in it, especially in the second verse, about all sorts of questions that are coming around again now,” Iggy told Laverne of the track.

“I loved the music and I love what Bootsy did with it. Bootsy’s a great star and there is so much life in his playing, and so much personality and truth in who he is. It was a big thrill to work with him and Bill Laswell. It just sat there for a long time because it just wasn’t right vis-à-vis the noise and constant shifting and churning of the horrible pop scene (sorry), and also in light of the other things I was doing.

“Then one day recently things had quietened down in daily life for everybody and for me too and I listened to it by accident and oh it just made me feel good and it was good company and I hoped that I could put it out and it would be company for somebody else too.”

You can download it now from the Iggy Pop’s official website, here.