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(Credit: Lottie Turner / IDER)


IDER announce new album 'Shame'


Electronic indie group IDER are back and have shared the details for their second album entitled Shame. The band also dropped the album’s first single, ‘Cross Yourself’, ahead of the album’s release.

The duo’s debut, 2019’s Emotional Education, firmly established the band’s sound: poppy electronica filtered through a potent blend of soul, hip-hop, and bedroom pop. Lyrically direct, the topics covered wildly see-saw between conscious self doubt on tracks like ‘Body Love’ and fully confident F.U.’s on cuts like ‘Busy Being a Rockstar’.

Trip-hoppy and off kilter, ‘Cross Yourself’ sounds like it would fit right at home on Emotional Education, thoroughly destroying any and all false idols: “Not many of us believe in Jesus anymore/And the darkness is active/I’m still not passive”. You can’t get anything by these ladies, and if you try, they’ll make you pay for it.

“‘Cross Yourself’ is a reflection on how we search for purpose – how we often attach meaning to things or like the idea of something external to believe in, in exchange for believing in ourselves,” the band explains in a press release for the song.

The tracklisting for Shame, meanwhile, reads like the moodiest of all teenage mood boards. ‘Obsessed’, ‘Embarrassed’, and ‘BORED’ are titles that are destined to be fodder for the band’s sardonic wit. That’s one of the great things about IDER: what might read as basic or cliched at first glance become nuanced and fascinating upon further inspection. They’re a band that rewards multiple listens and frequent analysis of lyrics. Or you could just put them on to jam too—all are good options.

Take a listen to ‘Cross Yourself’ and check out the track listing for Shame down below.

Shame Tracklisting:

1. Cross Yourself
2. cbb to b sad
3. Knocked Up
4. obsessed
6. waiting 17 03
7. embarrassed
8. Midland’s Guilt