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Exploring photographer Paul Hoi's surreal polaroids of Iceland

Photographer, Paul Hoi, took a solo trip to Iceland with his 4×4 Polaroid camera. His intense desire to explore and interpret the world gives his photography a real autobiographical feel. Over the course of two weeks, Hoi traversed the infamous ‘Ring Road’ of Iceland that links one settlement to another in the Nordic country.

Becoming more and more popular with photographers, Hoi used expired film for his Polaroid experiment, allowing his work to develop into a hazy vintage aesthetic that tends to embellish saturated colours.

Using Polaroid was a conscious decision made by Hoi for two main reasons. His first was that Polaroid photography is a challenge in itself, the unpredictability of having just one opportunity to get the shot is something Hoi thrived upon. That, along with the factor that his project allowed him to immerse himself in the landscape on a more personal level, viewing his the trip as a documentation of his current mindset. An almost metaphor for his current state of mind.

“I woke up each morning in places that looked and felt wholly unrecognisable from the days before,” Hoi said in a past interview with Feature Shoot. “It was strange to not have an immediate reference point in my surroundings.”

He added: “I’d sometimes look through my polaroids to confirm that I’d really seen the things from days prior.”

Enjoy a selection of images taken from the collection: