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(Credit: Flora Diamond)


I See Rivers share brand new track ‘How’

Norway-born Wales-based band I See Rivers have released their latest effort ‘How’.

The song, which comes as the band prepares to release their debut album in September, has drawn inspiration from the love story of Perseus and Andromeda. “Our debut album is being mastered as we speak, which is very exciting,” the band told When The Horn Blows.

“We can’t believe we’ve actually come this far with it and we can’t wait to share it to everyone. We’re will be releasing it this autumn, more details will be announced soon.”

Described as the “multi-instrumentalist Scandi float-pop trio” by many, the group’s distinctive harmonies melding with indie-electronic pop see them tapping into a new sub-genre and doing it on their own terms,

Discussing the track, band members Eline, Gøril and Lil explain: “Through Andromeda’s eyes, the song echoes her deep understanding of her connection to Perseus and her belief that even through hardships and turmoil, they have always been destined to be together – even after death she and Perseus is to spend the rest of their existence as constellations in the sky.

“Although drawn from the Greek myth, the deeper and more personal message of the song is about the need to make sense of things whilst battling the fear of losing face and understanding.”

Stream the song, below.