Hundreds injured as platform falls into sea at Spanish music festival


More than 300 people have been injured after platform fell into the sea at a Spanish music festival.

As the clock struck midnight and festival goers set themselves up to watch Mallorcan rapper Rels B, a platform at the O Marisquiño festival collapsed. Five people are thought to be seriously injured. Most injuries appear to be fractures and head wounds.

The wooden platform gave way and Rels B, who had just started performing his first song, told people to jump.

“The floor [of the platform] dropped like a lift. It was a matter of five seconds,” Aitana Alonso told a local newspaper. “It broke and we all fell. People fell on me. I had trouble getting out. I was trying to get out and skidded, my foot got stuck, in the water. I got it out. A boy gave me his hand and I got out. I felt paralysed and [then] I left. There was a girl with blood on her head.”

Another festival attendee, 19-year-old Alicia Ulloa, added: “Suddenly everyone disappeared and everyone was trampling on everyone else as they tried to escape.

“I was with a group of friends when the people beside us fell, as though something had dragged them down. It’s a miracle it wasn’t worse because the concert had just begun and lots of my friends hadn’t arrived yet.”