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'Human Traffic' getting 4K release on Apple TV in August

Fans of the 1999 cult classic film Human Traffic have just received the news they didn’t know they needed. Justin Kerrigan’s heady yet thought-provoking comedy-drama has been restored in 4K and is to be released on Apple TV. 

Written and directed by Kerrigan, Human Traffic follows the lives of a group of young adults, Jip (John Simm), Lulu (Lorraine Pilkington), Koop (Shaun Parkes), Nina (Nicola Reynolds), and Moff (Danny Dyer). It charts their adventures in the Cardiff club scene of the ‘90s. 

A social and political commentary through the lens of drug and nightclub cultures, since it was released 23 years ago, it has been one of the most treasured of the era. A sequel, Human Traffic: The Revolution was also confirmed back in 2019, although an official release date is yet to be confirmed. 

Now, the 4K restoration from Vertigo Releasing will be available for digital purchase from Apple TV next week on August 1st. In January 2021, Kerrigan, who is touted to direct the sequel, revealed that the script had been completed and that original cast members Dyer, Parkes, and Reynolds are to be involved in some capacity.

In an interview with MixMag, Kerrigan said: “It’s time to make the film. We’ve got everything scripted and ready to go. I’ve got no shortage of actors, producers, art directors, musicians and special effects people that want to work on the film.”

He added: “The script that I’ve written I’d love to direct. I think it’s more relevant today than ever. The central themes are fear versus love, money versus love and control versus love. And it’s really all about the people coming together. And that’s why it was relevant for Brex-shit and that’s why it’s relevant now [during the pandemic].”

In 2016, a year that saw the film enjoy a resurgence amongst millennials, Danny Dyer discussed returning to the character of Moff in the future, tweeting that he was “one of my favourite characters ever”.

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