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Hugo Boss announces the reissue of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' suit

So as the King of Pops birthday trundles on, the announcement surrounding Michale Jackson continue to pour in. Latest in the long line of news is from the fashion world as Hugo Boss announces it will be reissuing the suit MJ wore on his seminal album Thriller.

A trendsetter in life, the late singer who would’ve been 60 today, it seems he is not only post-humously creating tracks but also re-establishing trends. The singer, often known for the spanglier side of musical attire – see diamond encrusted gloves, cutlery-laden jackets and beyond – one of the icons better choices is getting a new life.

The sleek suit is being given new life by Boss who are slimming the silhouette slightly and will also be offering similar t-shirts. Ahead of New York Fashion Week it may prove to be a shrewd move by Boss to distance themselves from their workwear image.

But for those of us not fashion-conscious – this suit provides a chance for us all to take alluring shots in a black button-down shirt and pretend to be MJ.

Take a look below.