Howling Bells' Juanita Stein shares dreamy new single from her debut solo album


‘I’ll Cry’ is the new single to be taken from America, the debut solo album by Juanita Stein, out on 28th July on Nude Records.

Stein, who earned her acclaim as the singer-songwriter of Howling Bells, recorded the album with Gus Seyffert in Los Angeles, and I’ll Cry gives an alluring glimpse into the record. Stein has also just announced a brace of UK shows, in Brighton (1st August) and London (2nd Aug) to coincide with the album’s release.

“’I’ll Cry’ is a musical ode to the all American greats I took my cues from as a budding songwriter,” says Stein. “Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline and the work of Phil Spector, all of whom made a significant imprint on my heart, I’m forever channeling that soulful sadness. ‘I’ll Cry’ is a song that speaks of an impossible love, his resistance, her infatuation. Never a happy ending.”