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(Credit: Piers Allardyce)


How Pink Floyd changed Tracy Emin's life


In a recent interview, controversial artist Tracey Emin described how Pink Floyd changed her life after buying a copy of their renowned album The Dark Side Of The Moon.

Tracey Emin rose to prominence in the 1990s as part of a group of innovative British artists known as the YBA. Her catalogue of work includes pieces like My Bed and Everyone I Have Ever Slept With. Both pieces rocked the art world and cemented Emin as a pioneering artist at a time when installation pieces such as hers were still regarded as features of the most obscure territories of the avant-garde. Today, Emin’s legacy can be seen all over the place, but it took someone with an unwavering vision and supreme level of confidence to first realise the pieces she created in those last years of the 20th century. In 1999, she was nominated for the coveted Turner Prize and in 2011 was appointed professor of drawing at The Royal Academy.

As has been the case for many artists, music opened up a world Emin had scarcely believed was possible. One in which the mundanities and normalities of everyday life were stripped away to reveal innumerable possibilities. For many, that world was revealed through a key piece of music, and for Tracey Emin, that piece was Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of The Moon. Emin explained how she came across the 1973 album: “In Margate, we had a second-hand record shop where you could buy scratched albums for 30p,” she explained. “I got a copy of The Dark Side of the Moon there when I was 12. It wasn’t the first record I ever bought – that was Crazy Horses by the Osmonds – but this was when I actually decided to have taste in music.”

Adding: “It was a magical and special album. We had a record player at home and I’d listen to it over and over. It wasn’t a family thing – my mum worked all the time and my dad wasn’t there. He was always listening to Turkish music anyway. When I was young, we had a copy of The Twist in Turkish and my mum used to put it on and dance to it.”

The Dark Side Of The Moon is Pink Floyd’s eighth studio album and one of the most critically acclaimed rock albums of all time. Today, the mind-bending album – which features songs such as ‘Time’ and ‘The Great Gig In The Sky’ – is still enrapturing people with its otherworldly synthesisers and futuristic production style. It stands as one of the best collections of psych-rock songs and will undoubtedly influence many more people for years to come. Let’s hope that those people are as open to it as Tracey Emin was when she was a child.

Take a listen to ‘Money’ from The Dark Side Of The Moon below. In the words of Dewey Finn: “It’ll blow that classical music out your butt”.