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How live streaming has changed the concert experience and how you can find shows online


Great live music often makes for great video. The modern stage show found at concerts frequently involves hypnotizing light effects, precise choreography and grandiose theatrics. When pulled off correctly, these elements create a compelling performance whether onstage or on screen.

Sometimes, concert video is even better than being there thanks to onstage proximity. While the show-going experience is a full-sensory one, let’s be honest: we’re often situated far from the artist or band, confined to the rear of a club or in the nosebleed seats of the venue. The distance is too far to see and appreciate what’s happening onstage. We can hear the music fine, but the nuances and performance craft are easy to miss.

Live concert streaming is also big business, rightfully taking a seat at the table of leading categories of popular interactive online content alongside the likes of esports tournaments, internet casinos with large progressive awards and engaging VR tourism applications.   

Since the advent of streaming platforms, both multi-platinum artists and emerging acts have embraced online streaming as a critical component of commercial viability. And with the now decades-old decline in physical album sales, artists and bands increasingly turn to broadcast shows online as a means to generate revenue from existing fans while raising awareness among the uninitiated.

The streaming model also presents a natural outreach opportunity for performers. Big name tours predominantly play in major metro areas where there’s enough population draw to fill seats. Live concert streaming extends the experience to fans who live too far away from the venue or otherwise can’t attend.

So, just how do you know when your favourite artist or band will be extending their live show into the privacy of your home? Fortunately, there are a few resources you can turn to for upcoming concert streams and the latest in concert streaming news.  

With a belief that live music can reach far beyond the stage where it’s played, presents easy-to-navigate schedules of live streams by artists from a wide spectrum of genres. Just click the live stream of your choice from the main page, and you’re directed to a play link to begin streaming. If the show is not yet underway, a countdown timer ticks off the seconds until you’re ready to step inside the virtual concert venue.  

You can even subscribe to live stream updates for your favourite artists using This is an excellent feature that notifies you of upcoming concert streams specifically for the performers you follow.   

If historic concert performances streamed on-demand is what you seek, look no further than Qello Stingray. This service boasts the deepest library of pre-recorded concerts and music documentaries on the Web. Check out yesteryear performances by your favourite artists or explore an unfamiliar band.

Qello Stingray is a quite reasonably priced subscription service offering unlimited access to all content for $7.99 (USD) monthly or $69.99 (USD) charged annually. It’s less expensive than many audio-only music streaming services.  

Qello TV offers more than 30 channels of continuous concert streaming. You select a genre and an expertly curated video playlist will have you rockin’ for hours.  

Finally, an artist’s official website and social media pages will likely promote any live streaming events as well. By following their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profiles, you’ll be among the first to know when the artist goes live and how to access the stream. If the performers you like host their sites independent of social media, visit the sites and subscribe to email updates. This way, if you miss a live concert stream announcement in your social media feeds, you’ll still be informed by email.  

Live streaming gives artists the ability to connect with fans beyond their performance venues in real time while maximizing exposure and revenue opportunities. Music lovers benefit from the convenience and accessibility. It’s a win-win for the music industry, which sometimes, has the unsavoury tendency to alienate both the artists and fans.