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(Credit: Taylor Clark)


Hovvdy announce new EP with summery first single ‘Ruby’

Hovvdy - 'Ruby'

With a style that harks back to the sort of sweetly sanguine indie music that first blossomed when Hovvdy arrived on the scene with their debut Taster back in 2016, there is a summery air of nostalgia when it comes to ‘Ruby’. The song is the first single from their new EP Billboard for my Feelings.

With a classic American indie repetitive rhythm structure and talk of clothes, holding hands, and cold fingers, the song offers up a dose of saccharine reminiscence, almost too sweet for this side of the pond. 

This notion of summery revelry and young love is sharpened somewhat by the layered production techniques on display. Wrapping a synthetic recurring riff around fuzzed-out delay pedal sounds creates a sort of melodic swirl that, for some reason, masterfully conjures up images of the beach without even seeming to mention it.

Speaking about the track, Hovvdy’s Charlie Martin said: “It’s about maintaining strength in being there for the ones you love. Writing it, I had this propelling sensation, and I wanted the song to have that push to it. I tried to almost overwhelm Sarlo with melodies, and Ben’s bass line added so much colour and movement. We made the entire project remotely, but this EP has a fun cohesiveness I don’t think we’ve ever achieved.” 

Indeed that sense of overwhelming the track with melodies is what gives it its sanguine swirl of sound. However, the bassline keeps it from feeling cluttered, tempering the rolling sounds. Nevertheless, this innovation somehow doesn’t seem all that groundbreaking owing to the old school tropes that take you back a few years in a pastiche of the ‘Sweater Weather’ past

Andrew Sarlo’s co-production alongside the band certainly creates an allure, but lyrically you feel like you might have heard this one before on a Hollister playlist. And ultimately, that might be its Achilles heel, but it’s also got a sense of dreaminess that you really can’t begrudge.

The EP is out now, and you can check out the Boone Patrello-directed video for ‘Ruby’ below. 

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