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Hot Chip release wild new single ‘Freakout/Release’

Hot Chip - 'Freakout/Release'

Hot Chip have followed up the smooth cruising beauty of the summery ‘Eleanor’ with a wild dodgems ride of a raucous anthem in the shape of ‘Freakout/Release’. This barmy beat is built around a riff that kicks like a mule on anabolic steroids and an odd robot voice refrain reminiscent of The Beasty Boys meets Daft Punk. 

“Music used to be enough,” enough Alexis Taylor sings, “now people take it or leave it.” Meanwhile, the manic soundscape is reflective of the bombardment we face in our everyday lives. However, there are patches of calm in the melody where the musical contours suddenly become sparse and you can see the wood of meaning amongst the trees.

In these cognisant moments, the wild anthem suddenly seems blissful and celebratory as Taylor decrees: “Life’s what you make it… Make a sound and throw shapes.” Shapes prove pretty hard to throw throughout the rest of the unravelling madness, unless, of course, you’re an ambidextrous David Byrne behind a jackhammer. Nevertheless, the solid riff that they wavering flourishes return to gives the song a solid backbone. 

Speaking about the track, Taylor stated: “’Freakout/Release’ is about pent-up energy and the need for release, and escape. It’s also about making sense of music, and at times being plagued by the thing you focus on – music never leaves my head for a second, which is usually a good feeling, but it can feel claustrophobic at times too.”

Speaking of David Byrne, when Talking Heads came to the fore, they always thought of themselves as “thinking man’s dance music”, Hot Chip have certainly taken up that mantle. As Taylor continues: “It’s also about finding your place in relation to music and to performing. The riff should feel brutal and dumb and elemental and Joe was thinking about ‘Seven Nation Army’ and the simplicity of that swinging from quiet to loud and back and forth.” There are certainly a lot of influences thrown into the busy welter with this single track. 

Their new album of the same name is due for release via Domino on August 19th. You can check out the latest single below. 

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