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Hot Chip side project Hard Feelings share new song 'Holding On Too Long'


Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard and New York songwriter Amy Douglas have teamed up to form a new disco-infused dance project called Hard Feelings, and the new duo just released the video for their debut single ‘Holding On Too Long’.

The track opens with a narration straight out of Tales from the Crypt, or at the very least a solid Goosebumps book. But it doesn’t take long for the four-to-the-floor thumb and ’70s strings to bubble up, and before you know it, the track takes a leap into a bass-thumping jam.

When any member of Hot Chip is involved, you know the result is going to be readymade for the dance floor, and Douglas’ robust vocal performance slinks and much as it stirs. It never gets too heavy to keep you from moving and grooving, however, as both Goddard and Douglas understand the central tenet of their craft: to get the people to feel good.

“‘Holding On Too Long’ is the common denominator of the entire musical union of Amy and Joe,” Douglas explains in a press release. “In this ‘opera of sad bangers’ here is its key aria, its ‘Un Bel Di’ from Madame Butterfly or the ‘Mad Scene’ from Lucia Di Lammermour, the unforgettable moment of the story wherein our heroine stands up defiantly and has her moment to wail, scream and cry her pain and fury centre stage to the world.”

If this is the centrepiece to whatever project comes from the duo in the future, then sign me up. It’s funky and creepy at the same time, like a Giorgio Moroder Halloween party or a John Carpenter/Studio 54 crossover. No word yet on any future releases, or how the obscure Minnesota punk with the same name is taking getting their moniker swiped, but we’ll be sure to update you with any and all relevant activities.

Check out the video for ‘Holding On Too Long’ down below.