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Hookworms singer Matthew Johnson responds to sexual and physical abuse allegations

Hookworms frontman MJ has responded to the allegations of serious sexual and physical abuse made against him.

Johnson denies all allegations made by an unnamed woman who decided to release the information to Alanna McArdle, Johnson’s ex-girlfriend. McCardle, the current singer of Ex-Vöid, released the details via a social media statement.

In the wake of the claims, Hookworms have announced their decision to break up. In a statement of their own, the remaining band members confirmed the cancellation of their upcoming tour dates and distanced themselves from Johnson by claiming “the other members of Hookworms, their collaborators, various agents and record labels had no prior knowledge of the allegation before it went public yesterday,” before adding: “We are all still coming to terms with the news.”

Now, Johnson has moved to deny all the claims made against him. He said: “It feels impossible to address this comprehensively so soon and especially given subsequent developments and decisions that have been made by others, he began.

“To be clear, I deny and always will deny the allegations that were posted yesterday,” he added in a post on social media.

“I understood that L and I were both unhappy with parts of our short relationship, but we had not been in contact for some time. She contacted me recently and during our exchanges (we did not meet), she asked me to characterise some of my actions towards her as abusive to assist her, she said, with her ongoing recovery from historic sexual abuse that occurred prior to us knowing each other. I regret now accepting any blame.

“I felt pressured into disbelieving myself and also believed I was helping her. I offered her support in other ways so to read what she has told someone else about me is confusing and upsetting. More importantly, the picture and image painted of me yesterday is untrue. I was not abusive towards L and in the light of yesterday’s allegations I now regret accepting any blame ash she asked me to do.

“Alanna and L are two different people, and the allegations are not being made by Alanna. I have attempted in all of my work and private life to maintain good ethics. The image presented by Alanna’s statement yesterday is not one I recognise and is untrue.”

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