Hookworms share new track ‘Each Time We Pass’


On the eve of the release of new album Microshift, Hookworms have shared new the video for new track, ‘Each Time We Pass’.

The new track, featuring vocals from Alice Merida Richards from Virginia Wing, is a stand out from Microshift and marks one of the band’s first fully collaborative pieces of music. Hookworms’ long-time AV projectionist and video artist, Sam Wiehl has created the video to accompany the track which features 3D scans of the band, their friends and fans.

“This track was the first time we have ever truly collaborated with an artist external to the band, in the most modern sense of the word,” the band said. “It was an extremely rewarding experience and it is one of the only Hookworms songs where I can happily stand back and admire it as it had been written by another band.”

Check it:

Negative Space
Static Resistance
The Soft Season
Each Time We Pass
Boxing Day