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Hookworms set to release expanded version of self-titled debut EP

A reissue of a seven-track expanded version of Hookworms’ 2011 self-titled debut will be released via on Gringo/Faux Discx.

Since the release of the first EP, Leeds band Hookworms have gone on to create 2013 full length Pearl Mystic on Gringo and 2014’s The Hum released worldwide on Domino arm Weird World.

The EP contains the first tracks the group ever recorded in vocalist and producer MJ’s original Suburban Home Studio, with the group just a handful of local shows into their existence – one such show, supporting Sun Araw lead to its original release.  “It was a very exciting time for us,” bassist MB recalls.

“MJ having his first studio meant we’d gone from practicing in a tiny basement and receiving noise complaints to having a place where we could do what we wanted. We played with Sun Araw just as we were finishing the EP and Cameron Stallones enjoyed our set and asked to hear any recordings – then subsequently released it on cassette.”

For now though, an excellent reason to regress a few years and make ‘Teen Dreams’ our Track of the Day… again.