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Hookworms - Retreat


Today’s Track of the Day is a no-brainer. One of the stahnd out albums of last year was the incredible The Hum from Leeds-based quintet Hookworms. The last song on that albums ‘Retreat’ is their latest release and fills that TotD-shaped slot in all our hearts.

‘Retreat’ is one of the catchier tunes on The Hum and hints at the bands penchant for pop as well as the proto-punk they are famed for. MJ’s vocals swirl up in the air like a circling vulture and as the range becomes purely an imaginative speck in the sky the riff follows suit and raises the temperature of the track in to a 70’s rock classic.

Now part of their fantastic live set MB told us that he wanted The Hum to end on a high . “Similarly to [The Hum opener] The Impasse, we wanted the end of this record to be the polar opposite of the last one. We wanted to go out with a bang and end dead. It has this ‘race for the finish’ feeling to it”. That certainly is true as the song races to its own climax with the flourish of a band everyone knows will be around for a long time.

The song bounces like a frog and squawks like an eagle, with the grunt of a bull and the snap of a crocodile there is nothing worm-y about this band.

You can see this crescendoing set-ender across festivals this summer as well as some dates in a few days.

Saturday 21st March Oval Space London
Sunday 22nd March Rescue Rooms Nottingham

US tour in April, all dates here:


02/05/15 – Live at Leeds

30/05/15 – Primavera
07/06/15 – Field Day
20/06/15 – Best Kept Secret

15/08/15 – Way Out West

22/08/15 – Green Man Festival