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(Credit: Press / Hong Kongers)


Hong Kong protest documentary breaks box office records in Taiwan

When the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong gained momentum in 2019, people from all over the world expressed their support for the activists on all social media platforms. Unfortunately, the robust movement against the tyranny of the Chinese government came to a screeching halt when reports about the looming pandemic started surfacing.

However, the pandemic has not erased the pro-democracy sentiments in the minds of the Hong Kong residents. In order to maintain their control over the region, the CCP have continued to enforce draconic laws that not only diminish the political mobility of Hong Kong citizens but also contribute to their ideological reconditioning.

One of the major sectors hit by these laws is Hong Kong’s film industry, which has produced countless cinematic masterpieces over the years. According to the latest legislation that has been passed, the Chinese government will actively censor any Hong Kong films with an anti-government ideology which has put the lives of many artists at risk.

Thankfully, other parts of the world are still very appreciative of the activists who are fighting for freedom in Hong Kong. A new documentary about the Hong Kong protests – Revolution of Our Times – was recently released in Taiwan where it was a huge hit, grossing more than $600,000 within the first two weeks of being released.

“The Hong Kong people’s courage & commitment to democracy are an inspiration to us all, as we work to preserve our own freedoms & way of life,” Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen wrote. After Russia invaded Ukraine, many feared that China would try the same by finally doing the same to Taiwan which is why this documentary means a lot to the people living in the country.

Watch the trailer for Revolution of Our Times below.