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Honeyblood get horrific with new video for ‘Walking At Midnight’


The wonderful Honeyblood are staying true to their name and giving us the sweetest gore you’re likely to see any time soon. The video for ‘Walking At Midnight’, a track taken from their second album Babes Never Die which was released last year, sees Stina go to a drag night which goes very badly indeed.

Stina Tweedle said this of the clip “It was a lot of fun. We treated the story as if it was a snapshot scene from a slasher movie. James and I were ecstatic to have Virgin Xtravaganza star in the video as we really wanted to capture something exquisitely beautiful to match the mood of ‘Walking At Midnight’.”

With director James Copeman adding “Walking At Midnight instantly felt like the music playing over climactic scene in a horror film. So I set out to create just that. Creating a moment in the story of a young vulnerable girl with a dark power. It was a great excuse to pay homage to my favourite horror films.”

Take a look below and sorry if this ruins your breakfast.