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Credit: Press


Honey Lung make new connections on 'Be My Friend'


The latest from London shoegazers Honey Lung sees the band at their most richly textured as they play devil’s advocate with the awkwardness of meeting new people. ‘Be My Friend’ is our Track of the Day.

The band have returned from two years of honing their sound while on tour to sign with indie-hero label Big Scary Monsters and now they have shared their first new cut, ‘Be My Friend’.

The track is a perfect composition of the band’s past and their ever-brightening future. Manging to channel the shining moments of Britpop without feeling hacky the group deliver a track destined for bedroom floor dancing.

The band’s roots are just as drenched in charm, frontman Jamie Batten met the rest of the group following a Gumtree advert the singer posted. It made a rallying call for “like-minded individuals to help create sonic hell”, the band duly obliged and the rest was history.

Discussing the ideas behind their new single, frontman Mike Batten explained: “Lyrically ‘Be My Friend’ makes a joke of trying to impress someone you admire. We wanted it to be an ironic song that pokes fun at awkward social situations and the funny ways we act just to be liked or feel accepted”.

Listen below to Honey Lung’s ‘Be My Friend’ below: