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Homeshake – Moon Woman

I hope you’re ready for a damn’ funky start to the weekend at Far Out Magazine, with the sunny pastures of Moon Woman, by Homeshake.

As we are dragged ruthlessly towards the harrowing bite of the Winter, what better than this track to propel you beautifully the other way, talking you into a top down Cadillac and chauffeuring you down the boulevard at sunset. Right on.

The presence of Mac Demarco’s guitarist, Peter Sagar is evident in an achingly cool 4 minutes of soul imbued funk, most characterised by the sound of the bass being wept over by the guitar licks; which could be accompanied only by the sight of the shadiest motherfucker in this side of New Orleans, as he counts a massive wad of dollar bills and strolls off into the sunset. Moon Woman seems to encourage the sights of summer so easily in the mind.

The track would quite comfortably, if it were any longer, foray into some solid jazz-funk; it possesses all the same fantastically effortless qualities of past acts like the mighty funky Herbie Hancock, with appropriately nonchalant vocals floating over the top that complement the hazy yearns and twangs of the guitar, which provoke both content and lament throughout. This song is cooler than I will ever be and I both admire and resent Homeshake for that. But nonetheless its a few minutes of sweet love being made to your ears and soul and, thus, would be a beautiful start to anyone’s weekend.