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Hinds unveil new video for new single 'Warts'

Hinds today unveil the video for ‘Warts’, the fourth single to be taken from their debut album Leave Me Alone.

The video is set in Barcelona, was directed by Pedro Martin-Calero and produced by CANADA and Colonel Blimp, telling the story of a boy who is love with a girl that the band can see is no good for him, a femme fatale… apparently.

Gone are the days of the homemade, rustic videos of ‘Bamboo’ and ‘Chilli Town’. Hinds’ debut full-length asserted them on stage set for pop stardom – and their new video for ‘Warts’ emphasises their current authority.

Discussing the video concept and song’s lyrics Hinds ask “have you ever seen a couple that shouldn’t be a couple? Have you ever seen your friend’s girlfriend’s warts before he does? In love like in war it ain’t no rules. And she knows. She knows it well… She is gonna beat him bad, but he only hears parabarabaraba”

And here it is: