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Hinds share brand new track 'The Club'


Hinds are back with a bang on their latest track ‘The Club’ and are quickly reminding us of what we’ve been missing. Pure garage-pop, fuzzy and frilly in equal measure the new song isn’t so much a club-banger but road trip cruiser.

When speaking to Stereogum, the band said: “When we wrote “The Club” and first listened to it we couldn’t believe that we hadn’t write it before and that we hadn’t been listening to it for years. A friend said that it is more Hinds than Hinds themselves hahah. That’s why we chose putting it as the track 1 of the album. From now on it’s our presentation card”.

The new album I Don’t Run is oout on April 6th via Lucky Number and has already been previewed by ‘New For You’, but ‘The Club’ feels more akin to the band’s trajectory.

If they keep making indie-pop hits like this they’ll be leaving not only their native Madrid but most likely their native planet as they head for the stars.

The Club by HINDS