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Hinds – San Diego


It’s the end of the day, a Monday no less, you’re probably full os piss, vinegar and bile for every soul who crosses your gaze – us too. But lucky for us we heard the newest track from the Spanish quartet Hinds. ‘San Diego’ is classically chill but now full of a darkness unseen by the band; it’s our Track of the Day.

We all know Hinds and their penchant for poised tranquil cocktails spiced up with a splash of big fat fun – ‘San Diego’ is a little different. Full of ramshackle guitars and the kind of vocal that screams “let’s be friends and party” with every soft, scratching yelp.

Written about “staying awake, just staying awake” the band touch on insomnia with this latest cut from new album Leave Me Alone out on Lucky Numbers/Mom+Pop records on January 8th. Adding a darkness to their bright style and sound gives the band extra gravitas.

Some critics may try to write them off as a fluff piece but Hinds are showing they’re the toughest birds in the yard. With garage rock and roll permeating every pore of the track the band pull out their usual group chanting and fuzzy guitars to brand this cow with a red-hot ‘HINDS’.

With the smell of sweet, burning meat in the air Hinds are going to keep cooking for a long while to come. Now, what’s for the main?