(Credit: Andrea Savall)


Hinds delay release of new album because of coronavirus


Hands have been forced to postpone the release of their new album, The Prettiest Curse, amid the current coronavirus pandemic.

The band, who were planning to release their third studio album in June, have now pushed it back and postponed a string of tour dates that were due to accompany its release.

“We all need music now more than ever, and we were so excited to release our album next month and share it with you,” the band said in a statement. “But right now, things are a bit scary in Spain and the coronavirus is something that is affecting a lot of our loved ones, so for right now we think all of our focus should be on staying safe and staying home, not promoting a new album.”

Having already released ‘Good Bad Times’, the band recently followed it up with the deeply personal number ‘Come Back and Love Me’. “We wrote this song exactly one year ago,” guitarist Carlotta Cosials explained. I’d prefer not to talk about the personal background in this one, so let’s talk about other—maybe even more interesting—stuff.

“’Come Back and Love Me’ is the most romantic song we’ve ever done. The bossa-nova vibes Amber and Ade created (they don’t like calling it bossa-nova cause it is not accurate, but I asked them and they let me use the term to describe the smoothness and flow) are the perfect rhythm section you could imagine for a song like this one. Plus we went full-Spaniards here.”

She added: “We had real doubts about which song of the album should be the next single and when we told our team we wanted this one they all freaked out ‘cause nobody chooses ballads for a single. Then I thought that we never really followed any industry rule so I think we will be okay. Please come back and love me, yeah?”

Stream that song, below.