Hinds bring new sound with 'Garden'


Two things you can guarantee in life. A working class man in a white van is likely to think a foreign doctor is stealing his job and Hinds will undoubtedly bring you a piece of raucous rock and roll.

Well, that’s what we thought until we heard ‘Garden’ by the Madrid quartet. Such a change made us hope for an enlightened future for every Dave on the estate.

The band are known for their bubbly reliance on fuzzy chaos and garage glory to bring home the bacon but ‘Garden’ is a whole lot more subtle. It’s a gentler version of their previous work and as lead single from their upcoming album  Leave Me Alone it hints at a “soberer face of love” as intimated by the band.

Whilst still possessing what makes Hinds so easy to love; sun-shining sounds and smiling rock and roll, the band add a little grey to their luminescent rainbow.

It’s a step in a slightly different direction for Hinds but we’d still follow them up the garden path.