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Hinds are the most likeable band around thanks to their new video for ‘Bamboo’


The garage band Hinds are an incredibly likeable set of people. Not only is their music as laid back as a stereotypical joke about Spanish working habits, but they always seem to be having fun while doing it. Unababshed and unafraid to not be brooding rock and roll stars they look like a group of friends doing what they love. How damn refreshing.

Following the release of their incredible debut LP Leave Me Alone the band have now released a self-made video for track ‘Bamboo’. A lasseiz Fare number with a lackadaisical edge that makes Mac Demarco look like Gordon Gekko.

Posted alongside the video on Youtube was this explanation “We only had one day of shooting and as we needed more, we started to shoot what we were living while Carlotta was editing at the same time. So it’s a mix between Madrid and Barcelona because of Primavera Sound fest. Exactly, seeing concerts until 6am and then shooting and editing and… that’s why it appear so many sleepy people hahaha,”

The band continue to win hearts and minds with everything they do. Planning anything this summer? Hinds should be soundtracking it.