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Hinds are here to make rock 'n' roll cool again

Hinds have vowed in a recent interview that “rock ’n’ roll isn’t cool anymore” and, adding somewhat confidently, that they “feel like we have to save it.”

Ahead of the release of their second album, I Don’t Run, on April 6, the follow-up to their 2016 debut, Leave Me Alone, the Madrid band spoke to the BBC and confessed their love for their British fan-base and how they had forced Spain to “wake up”.

Ana García Perrote said: “It’s weird because we feel as Spanish as we can be, but we really feel the warmth from the UK” with Carlotta Cosials adding: “It’s home, you know. In Spain they don’t support the new blood as you guys do, the fresh things and the youth.”

During the interview the group who were recently announced for Reading and Leeds were asked if they felt any pressure about “flying the flag” for female bands, with Perrote and Cosials then sharing their thoughts of the current state of rock ’n’ roll.

Perrote had this to say: “Not only about girls. Just in general. We always feel like we have to save rock ’n’ roll! Rock’n’roll is not cool anymore – especially in Spain.”

Cosials added: “Making an effort has never been cool. In rock ’n’ roll music you really have to try hard the whole set, playing the guitar you’re making a huge effort all the time and that’s not cool – and we accept it. But we love it.”

Earlier this week, Hinds shared their glorious new track ‘The Club’, listen to it below.