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High risk of Measles for festival-goers, warn health officials


It appears the rebuked health claims that there was an alarming rise of Herpes in California following Coachella this year may not be the only health-story for this year’s festival-goers. It now appears they may risk contracting measles when attending festivals this year.

With numbers for contracting measles on the rise as well as a fall in UK vaccination rates, there are some fears that this summer may see a spike in reported cases of the illness. The first three months of the year has seen this rise continues to grow and the record numbers of the virus being contracted has officials worried.    

Public Health England are speaking with festival organisers amid a particular rise in reported cases. The organisation is asking anyone unsure of their immunisation status to contatc their GP. “Anyone who missed out on their MMR vaccine in the past or are unsure if they had two doses should contact their GP practice to catch up,” said Dr. Mary Ramsay, Public Health England’s Head of Immunisations. “We would encourage people to ensure they are up to date with their MMR vaccine before heading to large gatherings such as festivals, as well as those travelling to countries with ongoing measles outbreaks or before starting university.”

It is at places like festivals, where young people gather together, that viruses like Measles can easily spread to those who are unprotected by vaccination. 15-to-25-year-olds are at particular risk, after a 1998 study claimed the MMR vaccination caused autism – a report which has since been discredited and retracted.