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(Credit: Henry Rollins)


Henry Rollins releases the second episode of 'The Cool Quarantine' long-form radio show


Henry Rollins has shared the second episode of his radio show ‘The Cool Quarantine’ on Californian radio station KCRW.

The former Black Flag frontman’s second episode of the series falls just short shy of the four-hour mark and features tracks from The Fall, Tenor Saw, Rain and more. Rollins also managed to sneak a rare live 1985 performance from Bad Brains and The Stooges‘ original mixes by John Cale.

In the description for the episode, Rollins discusses the ongoing pandemic, saying that the current period “hasn’t been easy on any of us but we have to hang in there”.

The radio show is seemingly something he is enjoying as he continued: “I was hoping there would be enough interest to be able to make another one of these for you. We will do our best to keep them interesting and worthwhile as we continue to endure during these very interesting and trying times.”

In the first episode of the series, Rollins said that this is something he has wanted to work on for years, saying: “The first is that I wanted to make a show that felt like those great hangouts you might have done where you and some friends descend on someone’s house, everyone brings some records and the jam session goes and goes.

Adding: “For many years, I’ve had this idea for a long-form show,” Rollins said in a statement. “I mean really long-form. Like hours. To do it terrestrially would be difficult because I would be crowding other shows out. But if it was online, hey. It’s as many songs as I want, language issues are not a factor, and if anyone gets bored, they can just turn it off or mark the time they checked out and resume later.”

Check out the second episode here.