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Credit: YouTube


Henry Rollins is joined onstage by Cyndi Lauper to perform Black Flag's 'Rise Above'


For a few years now, Cyndi Lauper has been running a wonderful benefit show by the name of ‘Home For The Holiday’. The show going since 2008 and is a dedicated event to help battle against LGBTQ homelessness.

Last night saw the ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ singer headline the 2019 event with a plethora of supporting artists form the music world’s highest heights. From Marilyn Manson to Perry Farrel and form Kesha to Belinda Carlisle there was an array of talent all ready to support Lauper on her noble quest.

In recent years, Lauper has also invited various members of the iconic hardcore group Black Flag along to perform too. Different iterations have seen various different members make a play for performing under the Black Flag moniker, yet one man has always simultaneously managed to stay away from his former band as well as seemingly being the only credible member left standing.

The band’s longest-running and fourth frontman, Henry Rollins has moved away from the intense energy which saw him become a cultural icon with Black Flag. These days he’s an actor, a writer, and whatever else he feels like doing that day.

It turns out what he fancied doing yesterday was performing one of the band’s most beloved songs, ‘Rise Above’. While the hair may now be grey, and Rollins tends to keep his shirt on these days, he still performs with the same raw intensity that set him apart from the rest. Last night he even shared the stage with organiser and his close friend Cyndi Lauper.

The pair enjoy the thrash back to the past and it seems so did the crowd.