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(Credit: Throbbing Gristle)

Help raise money for Genesis Breyer P-Orridge's Leukemia treatment


Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Throbbing Gristle co-founder and industrial music pioneer, needs help from her fans to pay for her battle against Leukemia.

Fans and friends of P-Orridge have started a GoFundMe campaign in order to ease the medical costs and extra stress in a bid to fight the terrible illness.

“Having canceled their upcoming tour with PTV3, they are flat broke, three months behind on rent, and undergoing chemo and constant testing,” reads the posting for the fundraiser. “Gen is on oxygen, and unable to do much beyond getting to the hospital. Friends are visiting and contributing what we can, but the expenses keep growing.

“We want Gen to be warm and fed through the winter, and focused on hopefully healing, not finances,” the post continues. “The drugs are experimental, but promising. With continued therapy *and* low stress, Gen does not have to die from this, but could be back performing again sometime next year.”

If you have any spare money, it would be really great if you could click this link and help out. 

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