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Help Preoccupations buy back their stolen equipment


Yesterday we reported the news that Preoccupations’ tour was in major doubt after the band found that their van containing all their gear had been stolen.

Now, music fans across the world are uniting in a bid to raise enough money to buy back all their stolen equipment.

The band, who performed in San Francisco on May 14th, emerged the next morning only to notice their van has disappeared from their hotel. “The curse continues our van and trailer was stolen, everything is gone, this tour is fucked, the bounty no longer exists. Praying for a god damn Christmas miracle,” the band wrote in a now deleted Instagram post.

Now, a GoFundMe fundraiser is underway in a bid to get them back on their feet, it reads:

“On the morning of May 15th we woke up in San Francisco to find our beloved old van, our trailer, and all of our gear and merch stolen. This is the second time this week we were robbed, the first being in Vancouver. We had just re-bought a lot of our gear and continued on the road again, when we got hit a second time — this time losing almost everything. 

“If you feel like donating to help get this band back on the road and to help replace all the mics and gear our tour manager and tour mom lent us, we would appreciate it in every way possible. What we have to offer is our deepest gratitude right now. Either way we will be back on the road soon. 

“Thank you for all the love. We are overwhelmed by all the support you have given us.

“- Preoccupations (Matt, Monty, Mike, Danny and Rena (TM))

“PS, keep an eye out for a gold-grey 2001 Ford E 350 XLT Van pulling a black Airdrie trailer.”