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(Credit: Julio Enriquez)


Hear the first episode of the War on Drugs' 'Super High Quality Podcast'


Adam Grundicel, the War on Drugs frontman, has released the first episode of his and the project’s new podcast, expertly titled ‘Super High Quality Podcast’. One of the more lucrative pieces of multimedia to appear out of the lockdown, podcasting is now a key battleground for any promotion-hunting new artists but it appears it can also be home to a wily vet too.

Grundicel and the rest of the band have chosen to use the first episode of their brand new podcast to dissect the new live album LIVE DRUGS. They examine a 2017 version of ‘Eyes to the Wind’ a song originally taken from 2014’s Lost in the Dream. It’s a podcast for music lovers and, perhaps more importantly, music players.

The conversations are led by the band’s guitar teach Dominic East who is chairing the four-part series. Also in the mix is, of course, Grundicel plus Dave Hartley and several other members of the War on Drugs’ touring band.

It’s a genius way of exploring not only the music that is played during live shows but the technical nous, organisational priorities and artistic drive that makes each one come off seamlessly. It means we not only get a good look at the behind the scenes frivolity of the War on Drugs but a pretty good idea of how rock ‘n’ roll works in the modern day environment.

LIVE DRUGS is a collection of recordings from various War on Drugs shows over the years, curated from Granduciel’s own archives and provides a reminder of just why the band are so widely loved. Using the podcast to explore those moments is a perfect way forward and trumps any promotion we’ve seen in a long while.

Listen below to the first episode of the ‘Super High Quality Podcast’.