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(Credit: Teresa Sedó)


Hear Jack White sing 'Hotel Yorba' with his pre-White Stripes band


Even though Jack White has had a distinctive solo career and was in other bands before The White Stripes, the iconic guitarist’s work as a duo alongside Meg White was iconic. Throughout their impressive canon, the band’s esteem only grew; from a fearsome duo of raw powerhouse proportions to an intricate and cultured outfit, the band were phenoms.

However, it is always intriguing to check out famous artists’ work from outside of their fame paradigm — pre-fame bands always offer up a unique view of legendary artists. It isn’t exactly a secret that prior to The White Stripes, Jack White played with a band called Two Star Tabernacle. The band consisted of White, Tracee Mae Miller, her husband Dan Miller, and Damian Lang. Seeing as Jack White was the primary songwriter for this band and his subsequent projects, one might expect there to be some crossover, and there’s a certain White Stripes song that the band frequently played during the end of their tenure.

It’s not uncommon for artists to perform songs with multiple acts or in multiple different versions, take Thom Yorke and Radiohead’s classic ‘High and Dry’. If an artist really loves a song they’ve written, they’re bound to take it with them into the next project if it didn’t go as planned, and this is what happened with Jack White and ‘Hotel Yorba’. Even though it’s primarily known as a White Stripes song, he actually played it with his previous band before bringing it to The White Stripes, where it would eventually end up on their 2001 album White Blood Cells.

At face value, the two versions don’t sound all that different, aside from the fact that the Two Star Tabernacle version is live, and the White Stripes version is heavier on the drums, as would be expected. The vocals, however, sound more or less the same, as Jack White didn’t change much about his singing style. His voice is extremely distinct, and that’s a part of what makes his music so recognisable both as a part of The White Stripes and beyond.

If one thing’s for sure, it’s a good thing that the song made it all the way to The White Stripes in 2001, because their rendition of the track was a staple of the album. If you want to check out Two Star Tabernacle and Jack White performing the White Stripes song from 2001, ‘Hotel Yorba’, you can find it down below and give it a listen.