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Hear Fyfe's woozy version of Kanye West's 'Through the Wire'

Back before he became more famous for dating intellectually vacant tabloid fodder and spitting his dummy out on any given occasion, Kanye West’s early work actually combined a knack for infectious melody with a level of lyricism that was more often than not engaging.

Since then, he’s gone way off the boil and most recently was seen trying portray himself as some kind of electronic hip-hop messiah on Yeezus.

However, the best of his work still resonates with brand new artists today, as has been demonstrated by Fyfe aka Paul Dixon, who has unveiled a woozy and disorientating cover of  West’s 2004 release ‘Through the Wire’, from his debut The College Drop Out’.

The version intertwines the track’s trademark chorus, which was taken from Chaka Khan’s ‘Through the Fire’, and surrounds it with an ethereal scattering of house-infused bass and steadily building synth.

The overall result is a thoroughly danceable pop hit that is the kind of winter warmer we all need right about now.

Patrick Davies
(Featured image by Simon Genillier Roelsgaard)