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Head On - She's Gone

As I’m sure you’re now well aware, a faction of the Far Out force, with the aid of some purveyors of modern psyche, have been expanding their musical and cosmic consciousness in Berlin for the best part of this bank holiday weekend, and by all accounts it’s been a weird one to say the least.

Yet while the city’s first festival of its kind continues to weave its part wicked part wonderful ways into the hearts and minds of our traveling troupe, we must cast our glances elsewhere and away from new Bavaria’s seduction; Enter French outfit Head On with ‘She’s Gone’ as the Far Out Track of the Day.

Residing in the city of Rennes, Head On is a essentially an amalgamation of bygone French punk bands enthralled by the feral tones of 70s heroes such as the Modern Lovers, Dead Boys etc though it’s clear that somewhere along the winding road to the present day they’ve doused themselves in the hedonistic fuel of more purist Rock&Roll too.

‘She’s Gone’ is today’s selection for a number of reasons: the tone matches the sentiment of the story of downbeat last chance saloon regular (we’ve all been there) exquisitely and that’s something the call/response and shared vocal duties duly reinforces, as does Sussy Saphire’s scathing and viciously frank lyrics delivered in a ‘Blood on the Tracks’ era Bob Dylan/ Nick Cave hybrid manner:

So you drink on your own
And feel sorry for yourself
All those friends you thought you had
Just come round to get stoned
Well you’ve sent yourself to sea in a holey broken boat
Maybe you’ll drown, I hope you do

Cause you know, you know, they’ll never come back to you
Yes you know, you know, they’ll never come back to you

Head On is one of the first bands from European label Beast Records to grab the attention of all at Far Out HQ… expect a few more to appear on our pages.