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Credit: Parade Black Label


Hazzah shares 'Mice$' ahead of new collaborative EP with Onz

As the lockdown continues, we’re in serious need of some new music and we’re always on the lookout for fresh talents. Our track of the day is intitled “Mice$” and it’s by an upcoming Franco-British rapper called Hazzah and beat-maker – Onz. Being a mixture of grunge vocals with an incredibly sombre bass-music production, its lyrics kind of give us the creeps and yet we can’t seem to get enough of it.

To anyone who’s got a phobia of rats and mice—this track might not be for you. But rest assured, Harry – aka Hazzah – doesn’t only talk about his fear of rodents – he also accompanies it with a banging tune, produced with the help of his fellow beat-maker, Guillaume—aka Onz. 

The two mates from Cherbourg, France, have been working on a collaborative project for months and their debut EP is set to be released on April 15th. The idea of combining Hazzah’s garage rock influences, Onz’s strong beats and their common interest in the rap music scene was set to be a laborious gamble but ended up being fruitful following their first single—’Level’. Their second track, ‘Mice$’, follows the path of their introductory tune, showcasing, however, a much darker and personal side to their work.   

Hazzah took to his Instagram account ahead of the release to give a bit of background information about the disturbing track. “While I was recording in my home-studio in France, a rat came out. Rats and mice are a phobia of mine. I decided to use this phobia and imagine what a world ruled by them would look like. You wouldn’t be surprised to notice that there’s not too much of a difference between rats and people…” 

Listening to “Mice$”, the rappers’ deep, husky vocals complement Onz’s spellbinding bass-music production nicely and are joined together with some decent rap vibes and a pleasant French lilt – creating this nightmare-like yet addictive track. The chorus “I don’t wanna hear the mice$ / Creeping underneath the bed and reproducing / They’ll be coming in the houses” opens the doors to this on-going battle between mice and men and tells us a bit more about Hazzah’s persona.

While it’s nothing like anything we’ve heard before, it’s obvious the two lads have found a new breeding ground to explore. A must for anyone who’s liking the current rap music scene, enjoys a good rock album or is a bass-music addict – “Mice$” is like a breath of fresh air in this confined period of time. 

Watch the rat-infested visualizer of “Mice$” below.